Northeast Counseling & Coaching

Performance Coaching 

Dr. Martel uses proven therapeutic techniques to address negative cognitions/beliefs preventing successful outcomes in one's work, family and social environments. This service is provided weekly or during intensive 3-5 hour sessions. Insurance is not accepted for these intensive sessions. 

Integrative Medicine and Brain Health Coaching

Dr. Marci Martel is a Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider and a Certified Brain Health Coaching. She has spent over 100 hours in continuing education learning how to complete health assessments, develop self care plans and integrate these plans into the total treatment plan of wellness. Food is medicine. Much of what we eat as Americans is very unhealthy. These poor habits lead to the break down of the digestive system and add to considerable mental health problems. The quick solution has often been pharmaceuticals. These medicines certainly can have their benefits but they suppress emotions. In treating trauma, you can not medicate feelings. Using food, supplements, and changing behaviors can benefit your mental health. This therapy typically accompanies individual therapy and is not provided outside of an existing therapeutic relationship. 


Some clients wish to address specific issues immediately and effectively. Individuals that would like this type of service delivery are looking for intensive work over a short period of time. $1000 for 5 hour intensive session. By specific appointment only.