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Integrative Medicine

Dr. Martel has over 100 hours of training in integrative medicine and the use of supplements to achieve more balance with emotional regulation and the treatment of symptoms. Using natural supplements such as amino acid proteins, vitamins, and CBD products can help the healing process and avoid unnecessary use of pharmaceutical medications that many clients do not want to take. Supplements are not always an option and all patients should seek the guidance of their primary care provider before entertaining this option of treatment. Integrative medicine is a method of helping the body heal naturally with minimal side effects. It is a complimentary service provided to current patients only. All of the products represented are taken at the patient's own risk and should be researched thoroughly prior to starting a treatment regimen.


Dr. Martel uses the Fullscript service to make recommendations of various supplements to compliment treatment.


Dr. Martel recommends Medterra CBD products to various clients looking for relief from specific symptoms. These are often ordered specifically for each client and the proceeds go to providing free care to clients without insurance.


NECC will be expanding services to include an onsite massage therapist.

Mindful Movement

Weekly movement classes will be provided to help clients learn specific skills and enhance their experience.

Case Management

NECC will be expanding our services to provide case management services to clients that need extra support.

Medication Referrals

Dr. Martel works with primary care physicians and makes referrals to specialists in the area when medication is a necessary or desired part of the treatment plan.

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Integrative Medicine

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