Northeast Counseling & Coaching

Consulting for EMDR

Dr. Marci Martel, LCMHC is an Approved Consultant and is involved in establishing the NH EMDR Therapy Network.


If you have been trained in Part 1 & 2 by an EMDRIA approved EMDR trainer you may want to pursue certification. Certification requires specific criteria to be met. Please visit EMDRIA Certification page for more information about the process. 

EMDR is a type of therapy. Just like any other specialization it is considered ethical to pursue excellence in the utilization of this therapy. Pursuing collaboration and certification can expand your use of EMDR and help conceptualize clients and cases. If you enjoy using EMDR as a clinician, it is an ethical choice to pursue certification and could protect you from potential litigation. 

Dr. Martel as an Approved Consultant can provide you with the 20 consultation hours required for certification. Please contact us for additional information about these services. One must participate in at least one individual consultation prior to joining a group.

Individual EMDR Consultation

This service is provided either face to face, via video conferencing or by phone. You will be provided with hourly consultation regarding your cases and the certifications process. This product only meets the criteria for certification and not for the hours needed after basic training. $100 per session

Group EMDR Consultation

This service is provided via teleconferencing and/or in person in combination with teleconferencing. You are allowed to have up to 10 hours of group consultation toward certification. GROUPS ARE CURRENTLY ORGANIZING starting in June for up to 5 groups. Groups limited to 8 participants.

We plan to offer low cost groups to NH licensed clinicians with proof of EMDRIA membership. $50 per 2 hour group. Discounts available for Medicaid providers and practitioners that need financial assistance.

Individual & Group Package

We are developing affordable options for consultation groups. There will also be collaboration groups for those looking for connection but not certification.